The Founders' philosophyClimate change, conflicts linked to fossil fuels, Fukushima...The planet has inherited an energy policy dating back to the post-war boom years and its challenges are becoming more apparent by the day.

How can these be overcome ? Offshore wind power is one of the best solutions but its future relies heavily on floating wind turbines. Why? Because bottom-fixed wind turbines are rapidly coming up against an increasing number of constraints: a lack of suitable sites, costs' risks, impacts on the marine environment and on the landscape, etc. Given these difficulties and an innate desire to find solutions, Ideol has been founded.

In 2010, several 'floating foundation' models were already in existence but their costs were very high. In view of this, Paul de la Guérivière and Pierre Coulombeau decided to design a completely new floating foundation with the primary objective of reducing costs from the design phase through to installation, thereby making the floating wind turbine the most competitive possible

Ideol today

The experienced and multi-disciplinary teams at Ideol have developed and patented a floating foundation for offshore wind turbines that is both technically reliable and economically viable.

Today, this breakthrough floating foundation has enabled Ideol to become the only floating revenue-generating technology following the signature of demonstration projects in Japan. It's also the technology behind France's first offshore wind turbine. 

Six years after its creation, the start-up company Ideol based in La Ciotat (near Marseille, France), already counts 65 people with extensive expertise in the offshore oil & gas and renewables industries.

Watch the presentation video of Ideol's overall activities here.

floating offshore wind

Vision & Mission

Vision : Make floating foundations the solution of choice for the offshore wind turbine industry and to be the leader in this market 

Missions :

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