Environmental responsibility & landscape integration

No impact on coastal landscapes

Since they are not reliant on water depth, floating wind farms can be installed at considerable distance from coastlines and, as a result, decrease the impact on the visual integrity of the coastal landscape. In effect, the curvature of the Earth affects the critical viewing distance. It greatly limits all visibility after approximately 20 kilometres.

A significantly reduced carbon footprint

The choice to use concrete in the European market and the extremely compact scale of the foundation - which reduces the amount of material required - enables the Ideol foundation to significantly reduce the global environmental impact on the full lifecycle of the foundation.

The carbon footprint is reduced by nearly 50% compared to competitive steel solutions.

Decommissioning that respects the sites

On decommissioning, the mooring system is raised and the foundation and wind turbine are brought back to the quayside. No components are left at the installation site, returning it to its original state. All the components can then be recycled onshore.

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