Ideol, a key player in an offshore wind project's value chain                                            

Three major players are involved in offshore wind projects: suppliers of components (rotor, generator, nacelle, anchors, chains, electrical cables, etc.), system suppliers (foundation, wind turbine and electrical export cable) and the developers/operators.

Ideol is establishing itself as a supplier-manufacturer of the "foundation system"  in partnership with recognized leaders in their fields. Ideol's main scope and expertise revolves around the basic and detailed design of the floating substructure and its mooring system, the supplying of the mooring system components, the monitoring of construction and offshore installation operations (laying and testing of mooring systems, towing of the floater, hook-up of the floater to the morring and electrical lines).

Our civil engineering partner is responsible for developing the construction methods, reviewing the structural design, the detailed reinforcement design of the floater and the construction and delivery of the concrete structure.

Ideol's fully integrated expertise promotes efficiency during the design phase

The multidisciplinary teams, 90% of which are engineers, technicians and designers, allow Ideol to provide its clients with a unique combination of expertise, structural and mechanical design, naval architecture, hydrodynamics, etc. The experience of the teams and the strict QHSE process (see the following paragraph) guarantee effective mainstreaming, from the design phase, of all the constraints linked to the project's lifecycle (procurement, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and decommissioning).

This integration of expertise enables Ideol to conduct its design studies in much shorter time frames (from 9 months to a year) and, as such, to significantly speed up the project development phase.

Stringent quality and safety management procedures                                        

Thanks to its Management system and through continuous improvement, Ideol guarantees the integration of high Quality, Health, Safety and Environment standards into its delivery of products and services. 

Ideol Management System is ISO 9001 v2015 certified since 2017.

Ideol's management team's leadership and commitment towards Quality and Safety are set by its Management System policy.

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