Ideol has been a limited liability company since March 2013.

Its Board of Directors, whose role is to direct and control the strategic guidelines and Ideol's results, is made up of seven board members :

  • Paul de la Guérivière, President
  • Pierre Coulombeau, representing NOVAELIA
  • Benjamin Wainstain, representing the Demeter investment fund
  • Pascal Voulton, representing the Emergence investment fund
  • Patrice Cavalier, representing HPC Capital
  • Eric Petitjean, representing IO
  • Florence Canonge, representing the Tertium investment fund

And two advisers :

  • Guy Fleury, former CEO of Stolt Comex Seaway
  • Aurélie Viaux, representing the regional co-investment fund, PACA Investissement

Moreover, a remuneration committee has been set up in 2016. Composed of 3 individuals, its purpose is to validate the management team's remunerations and the goals linked to their remunerations. 

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