High local content


The only floating solution that guarantees completely local construction

The design of the Ideol foundation and the construction/installation methods required have been conceived in such a way that they are compatible with the majority of local port installations, whether this be a few units for pilot farms or more significant numbers to equip commercial farms. Moreover, the Ideol foundation is the only platform which allows serial construction to take place close to the installation sites.

The creation of hundreds of direct jobs…

The construction of the Ideol foundations and their quayside assembly has created direct jobs in those areas. For example, the construction of approximately fifty concrete Ideol floaters for a commercial project will create around 800 jobs. 

…and the creation of numerous indirect jobs

Ideol prefers to use local manufacturers to supply the main components (anchor chains, connectors, forged parts, anchors, transition elements at the interface between the foundation and the turbine, etc.) with, the added bonus of creating a number of indirect jobs.

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