Ideol floating foundation

The Ideol foundation in brief

The Ideol foundation combines five major benefits:

  • Technological breakthrough
  • Compatibility & flexibility
  • Compactness
  • Reliability, safety & risk mitigation
  • Environmental sustainability


Ideol floating wind turbine

The ONLY floating solution…

  • constructed in CONCRETE OR STEEL ... while at the same time remaining the most competitive
  • to guarantee a 100% LOCAL construction
  • to be COMPACT with shallow draught and large-scale turbines
  • to be COMPATIBLE with existing port infrastructures and not requiring heavy and costly investment
  • that does not require high-risk activities or costly and difficult-to-source vessels for installation
  • to be OPERABLE FROM depths of 30 METRES 

A new phase for the offshore wind power market

The Ideol foundation was designed from the outset with a dual purpose. Firstly, from a technology standpoint, with the aim of providing a perfectly reliable solution. Then, from a financial perspective, with the aim of offering the most competitive price. 

This solution is revolutionising the entire offshore wind power market. 

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