Market trends for offshore wind power

Today, the offshore wind power market is mainly concentrated in Europe, a continent that has over 90% of the globally installed capacity. In 2016, offshore wind power on the continent delivered 12 GW (3,000 wind turbines) solely from fixed-base technologies. However, these technologies are facing more and more complex challenges. Several countries are moving towards floating solutions which have the added benefit of defying depth and soil quality constraints. 

Offshore floating wind turbines, the only possible solution in some parts of the globe…

In spite of the fact that the floating wind turbine enables better use of offshore wind resources, some countries simply do not have the choice since the offshore fixed-base wind turbine is incompatible with the great depths of their coastlines. This is the case, for example, for some regions in Scotland, the Mediterranean coastline where depths quickly exceed 50 metres, Japan and island states.

… and in the existing North Sea market

The offshore floating wind turbine is a solution that can be completely adapted to the problematic issues created by projects where the nature of the seabed, even where shallow, is too complex to be able to install fixed-base foundations cost effectively. 

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