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Upcoming events

25/01/2018 | Tokyo
The Asia Wind Energy Association is organizing the 3rd Asia Offshore Wind Day in Tokyo...
21/03/2018 to 22/03/2018 | Ostend
Bruno Geschier will attend this forum organized in Ostend. During this event, a conference will...
25/04/2018 to 26/04/2018 | Marseille
The internationaly-recognized event dedicated to floating offshore wind will be held in Marseilles next 25th...

Past events

28/11/2017 to 30/11/2017 | Amsterdam
This reputable exhibition in Europe also hosts a high-level conference led by Wind Europe. The...
15/11/2017 | London
Attendees heared from Bruno Geschier the latest news from Ideol's concrete (France's Floatgen Project) and...
14/11/2017 | Glasgow
Bruno Geschier will be speaking in the session A3: The International Perspective from 14.00 –...
The AWEA Offshore Windpower Conference is the largest gathering of offshore wind energy professionals in...
Asia Offshore Wind Day
27/09/2017 | Séoul
This conference will be held at Seoul and will welcome Bruno Geschier's speech on behalf...
14/09/2017 | Oostende
Bruno Geschier will give a brief overview of key floating offshore wind technologies and ongoing...
08/09/2017 | Taipei
In Taipei, Bruno Geschier will be honoured to introduce Ideol's Damping Pool technology and its...
04/07/2017 to 06/07/2017 | Bremen
Offshore Foundations is a technical event for experts in the wind industry. The goal is...
06/06/2017 to 08/06/2017 | Londres
The world's largest offshore wind energy event, co-organized by WindEurope and Renewable UK, will be...
05/06/2017 | London
INVITATION-ONLY EVENT - Recharge organises a Thought Leaders roundtable on the industrialisation of floating wind...


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