Optimized production


An optimized energy production

The Ideol foundation has been designed to be completely compatible with all "standard" wind turbines currently on the market. Thus, the movements of the foundation do not cause any restrictions to the operation of the turbine.

Floating wind turbines have the same power curve as those on shore. However, in contrast to land turbines and even to offshore bottom-fixed turbines, floating turbines enable access to sites where the wind is stronger and more constant and as such generate power every 2 days whereas bottom-fixed turbines generate power, on average, every 3 days and land turbines every 4 days.

The floating turbine is therefore able to produce 20% more electricity compared to bottom-fixed turbines and ultimately to reduce the production costs leading to significant drop of the overall cost of energy.

floating platform

Ease of maintenance

During the operating phase, the Ideol foundation requires little maintenance, which significantly limits maintenance costs. In addition, it is facilitated by a wide bridge and, for more extensive maintenance activities, by the ability to tow the assembly to the quayside. 

Making better use of wind resources: the mobility solution

The expertise of the Ideol teams has meant that several patents have been filed, including the mobility solution.

Its aim is to eliminate losses due to wake effects and to increase the wind farm's annual production. In effect, wind turbines create a downstream wake effect within which the wind speed is reduced (thus electricity generation is lower) and turbulence is increased.

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