The first offshore wind farm in France will be a floating one, equipped with the Ideol solution  

Although the floating wind turbine is not yet being utilised in operational wind farms, there are just a few demonstrators installed across the globe. The floating demonstrator project Floatgen which will be installed by the end of 2017 off the French coast will be equipped with the Ideol floating foundation. This will be the first offshore wind farm in France.

Japan, one of the most strategic countries

Japan, a country in the throes of redefining its energy mix following the Fukushima disaster, is one of the most strategic global markets in the floating wind turbine industry given the depth of its coasts. 

In view of this, the Ideol foundation was chosen in Spring 2015 by the Japanese government to equip its next floating demonstration project.

The Ideol foundation can float on all the world's oceans and seas

Floating wind turbines allow the windiest regions to be utilised to their full potential in order to generate the most electricity possible at the lowest cost. Ideol has alreday been selected by the French Governement to equip the Mediterranean's first floating offshore wind farm off Gruissan (4 units - EOLMED project).

Besides France and Japan, the main markets are Germany, United Kingdom, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and island states such as Indonesia or Taiwan. The Ideol teams are already working on developing pilot and pre-commercial projects in these regions. 

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