Reduction of costs


An economic solution from the design phase

The foundation developed and patented by Ideol was designed from the outset with the aim of significantly reducing costs:

  • Compatible with all "standard" wind turbines currently on the market, the Ideol foundation can be adapted to the new generation of high-powered turbines without requiring any major modification to the global design
  • The overall dimensions are extremely compact: from 35 to less than 55 metres square for a 2 to 8 MW wind turbine. The water draught is also significantly reduced (from 7 to 8 metres). This compactness enables both the costs of raw materials and the logistical costs of construction to be significantly limited and this, in turn, supports the growth of the market towards increasingly large wind turbines.
éolienne en assemblage

Flexible and simplified installation

The Ideol foundation can be constructed in concrete or steel. The choice of concrete enables well-established and flexible construction methods to be used which can be easily adapted to port constraints and to local procurement amenities:

  • In keeping with the current concrete box constructions for floating dykes, three methods are possible: directly on the quay, in dry docks or even on a floating barge. This therefore ensures that construction can be carried out close to future wind farms, which limits the offshore transit costs for floating foundations.
  • The weak water draught is compatible with the majority of port installations. A construction of 4 units (pilot farm project) will therefore require approximately 5 hectares of free surface area and a construction of about fifty units (as part of a commercial farm project) will require 20 to 30 hectares.
  • Installation is simplified: the foundation and turbine are assembled directly on the quayside without needing to mobilise jack-up vessels which are costly (€250 000 per day in offshore bottom-fixed wind turbines), have limited availability and are dependent on the weather.
  • The assembly is towed towards the installation site using conventional vessels that are economical, safe and are not subject to hazardous ballasting/deballasting operations, therefore reducing both costs and risks.

This preference for concrete has not prevented Ideol from offering a steel solution to markets where, in contrast to Europe or the US, the logistical costs and constraints of using this material are less significant.

Ideol floating wind turbine

A solution developed to be the most competitive on the market

Compatibility, compactness, simplified construction and installation... the reduction in costs at each stage of the value chain allows the Ideol floating foundation to be the most competitive floating solution and, in fact, to be equivalent of a bottom-fixed offshore wind power from a depth of 35 metres while generating significantly more electricity thanks to better wind resources.

The Ideol teams are focused on the future and are constantly using their expertise in research & development to continue to maximise costs, particularly for key components. 

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