Reliability and safety

Proven design methods

The Ideol floating structure is compatible with the most demanding of marine environments, for example, that of Japan as a cyclonic area. Engineers experienced and trained in offshore oil service methods designed a foundation with a minimum lifespan of 25 years, but all the elements of the foundation have been sized to handle extreme events with return periods - i.e. analysed time intervals - ranging from 50 to 200 years. Thousands of simulation hours were carried out testing and validating each of the components under operating conditions with the help of software and simulation tools having proved successful both in the offshore industry and in the wind power sector. Ideol works in close cooperation with classification companies to validate the design.

Rigorous safety standards

Rigorous quality control methods at each stage of the project are applied.

Proven design standards in the offshore world have been integrated since the first stages of design, with priority being given to safety:

  • stability and watertight integrity under both intact and damaged conditions;
  • ease of access and evacuation of personnel under normal, adverse or poor weather conditions, whether by ship or by helicopter on deck;
  • redundancy of the mooring system;
  • secure and easy access to the main components;
  • protection of personnel, rotating parts and harmful substances/components;
  • limited interference in the functioning of the wind turbine;
  • reduction in offshore work thanks to low level of maintenance required;
  • extremely advanced control system continuously reviewing the floater.



Tank tests confirm the technical reliability of the system

Several test campaigns including wave swell, wind and ocean current tests have been carried out in tanks. They have enabled the excellent hydrodynamic behaviour of the global system consisting of the floater, its mooring system and the wind turbine to be validated under conditions that reflect reality and in controlled environments.

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