floating foundation

Accelerating the time-to-market

Floating technology among the most accomplished on the current market, first commercial success recorded in Japan, imminent installation of a demonstrator off the coast of Le Croisic, integration and multidisciplinary nature of the teams : the competitive advantages of the Ideol solution are manifold and the potential markets are immense. The Ideol teams work with energy companies and public authorities across the globe to drive projects forward and to promote the serial roll-out of the foundation. 

floating substructure

Continuing research & development activities

Ideol is allocating a large part of its resources to the continuation of its research & development activities. To this end, the multidisciplinary teams at Ideol are working with a number of partners on the Oceagen project, Lifes50+ and even MRCF/Carbon Trust, in particular to continue to reduce costs (identification of new components, new construction and installation methods, etc.). 

floating barge

Taking an international lead

Already present on the most strategic market in world, Japan, Ideol intends to gradually position itself as a leading international provider of floating solutions for offshore wind industry, including offshore bottom-fixed wind turbine solutions from a depth of 35 metres.

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