The multi-disciplinary nature and expertise of the teams

Ideol's engineers have expertise in the following fields :

  • Naval architecture
  • Structure (finite element analysis, global and detailed FEA models, dynamic load analysis, vibration analysis, fatigue analysis)
  • Hydrodynamics (sea-keeping, anchoring, configuration of dynamic electrical cables)
  • Mechanics (design of the connectors)
  • Aero-hydrodynamic coupling (wind turbine, mast, floater and anchoring)
  • Tank tests
  • Purchase of main components
  • Offshore construction and installation methods (installation of mooring systems, installation procedures, selection/availability of the vessel, design of materials and equipment, operability, position control)
  • Risk assessment (HAZID, AMDEC, etc.)

These different disciplines can be applied to design, detail or construction engineering for the marine renewable energy market.

Ideol management team

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